10+ Inspirational life Status quotes for Whatsapp

Some motivational and inspirational life status for whatsapp are as follows:

“Life is hard for so many. Be grateful for what you have. And complain less.” – Unknown

“If you ever meet someone who makes your life flow easier and makes you laugh a lot keep them, that’s all you need.”

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“A time will come in your life where some people will regret why they treated you wrong. Trust me it will definitely come.”
2 line life status quotes in English by Vex King
“I hope life continues to shock you, I hope you continue to surprise yourself by pushing through your fears and limitations. I hope you resist comfort and opt for the challenging pursuit of becoming the strongest, most experienced version of yourself. I hope you live the vigorous, powerful and potently beautiful life you were destined to.” – Vex King
life lesson status quotes for whatsapp
“One of the best lessons you can learn in life is to master how to remain calm.” – Dr. Ariadna Cymet Lanski
reality of life status for whatsapp
Reality of life: When you give importance to people, they think that you are always Free but they don’t understand that you make yourself available for them every time.
2 line life status in english
“Life has a funny way of teaching us. It will create deep sadness so we know how to truly understand happiness. It will create chaos in our lives so that we may appreciate the peaceful times and it will take those we love away from us so that we will truly understand what their presence meant to us.” – Unknown

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life lessons quotes for whatsapp status
Life lessons

“Sometimes you have to suffer in life, not because you were bad, But because you didn’t realize where and when to stop being good.” – Unknown

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